Greenlabtech is a trusted partner to the cannabis industry. We do this through a combination of strong operating divisions and strategic partnerships, leveraging decades of multi-disciplinary experience, to cultivate your business success.

Advocating for ownership, Greenlabtech offers high-end, scrupulous consulting services, at reasonable prices. We do this using the principles of business operations and large-scale agriculture. We offer hands-on experience and proven techniques for every phase of the cannabis business lifecycle – from seed to sale..

With our three sixty vision we have partnered with the best of breed in the industry to ensure our clients receive cutting edge solutions.

We assist roleplayers in the AFRICAN market to minimise their risk from license application to full production.

Our engineers and horticultural experts provide SMART facility and production design inline with our green energy approach.

With a focus on the welfare of all employed in the industry – we ensure SAFE working conditions throughout the process.

The risk management team provide integrated systems that ensure that all facilities are SECURE and therefore peace of mind to staff, managers and investors.

We are your trusted partner for SMART, SAFE and SECURE Medicinal Cannabis operations in AFRICA.


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