Greenlabtech is the official reseller for BiotrackTHC in Africa and Australia BiotrackTHC is the largest and most experienced seed-to-sale cannabis software in the cannabis industry.

Biotrack’s cannabis software is actively operating in 36 US states, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Canada, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand and now South Africa, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. BiotrackTHC has processed over $20 Billion in legal cannabis sales across approximately 2,500 sites with 60,000+ trained users. The regulatory component is already used by 9 governments to manage all the licenced operators in those respective countries.

Make product traceability and record keeping easy with BiotrackTHC.

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The BiotrackTHC platform has four major components providing a compliant, vertically integrated seed- to-sale product traceability and record keeping management platform.


Cannabis & Hemp Compliance Tracking Software

The BioTrackTHC cannabis and hemp traceability system has extensive tracking and reporting capabilities to assist state and local governments with enforcing regulations, collecting taxes, verifying product quality, and preventing illegal cannabis diversion and inversion. The system allows regulatory agencies to view every gram of legal cannabis or hemp throughout the production life cycle. Having emerged from the medical software industry, the technology was originally developed as a prescription drug and methamphetamine precursor tracking system to assist state government and law enforcement agencies in preventing drug diversion and promoting public safety. The Traceability system has passed a SAS No. 70 audit (now SSAE 16) to certify the System’s compliance with strict standards for electronic prescriptions of all legal classes of medication.


Simplify a complex process by streamlining your operations with custom workflows and key data points to optimize your future yields with the cultivation operations cannabis business solution.


Yield Forecasting

Monitor and analyse your harvest data to optimize for larger yields.


Genealogy Tracking

Record and track cross-breeding, plant genetics and monitor clone potency results.

Built for Growers

Built for cannabis growers, by cannabis growers. Custom workflows to support the weighing of multiple plant by-products (wet or dry), plus multiple data collection points and ability to grade product quality upon curing.

Analyse Your Results

Monitor Pesticides and Nutrients applied, log Strain Notes detailing light and watering cycles, plus review Past Harvest Data to optimize your future yields.


Record the necessary data for compliance and automatically port required information to product labels, saving time and increasing transparency, with our processing and manufacturing cannabis inventory management solution.


Conversion Tracking

Want to convert flower into oil? Oil into edibles? Convert products into single or multiple by-products, while maintaining a complete chain of custody, logging cost per gram calculations and product notifications or recalls.


Transactional Reports

Easily generate invoices and purchase orders for record keeping and safe, compliant business practices.

Transport Manifests

Create, submit, and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver, and cargo contained for regulatory review.

Product Details

Add several product details to your inventory items, printing key information directly on your labels including ingredients, potency results, plus a reactive expiration date that can lock a product if it’s past expiration, and much more.


Our Dispensary Point-of-Sale solution was created specifically for cannabis businesses, featuring true hardware integration on a variety of tools, virtually eliminating human error and minimizing your data entry.


Automated Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Setup discounts based on date, time, product, brand and more, plus employee weigh heavy and daily discount allowances. Reward the loyal customers with our exclusive loyalty points program or reward them with certain products/promotions. Setup is a cinch.


Purchase Limits

Compliance can be stressful which is why we make sure you never over dispense to a patient or customer. The system tracks limits based on type and equivalency. No matter where you operate, we have you covered!

Online Ordering, Menu Displays

Fully integrated online ordering portal, digital menu displays and more, are now available through our dedicated integration partners.

Data Driven CRM

Out-of-the-Box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to reward loyal customers and referrals. Setup targeted email and text campaigns based on customer’s favourite products, last visit date, purchase history, birthdays and more.

Automated Data Entry

Eliminate data entry and human error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen. Weigh directly into the computer, *scan patient ID’s and populate customer profiles, with a single action.

Customer Profiles

Create individual customer profiles to help treat all of your customers like regulars. Keep track of special preferences, medical preferences, purchase history, rewards points and more…

Make product traceability and record keeping easy with BiotrackTHC.


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